Promises Aglow

Promises Aglow

Promises Aglow

This greeting card depicts the beautiful view of the sun setting behind the Sydney bridge and city skyline; drawn with delicate pastels of orange, blue, and black, it creates an evocative and stunning work of art. The sun is depicted as an orange-glowing orb in the background, casting a warm and golden light over the water and the buildings. The sky is rendered in shades of blue, blending to create a soft and dreamy atmosphere.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is depicted, with the steel structure standing tall and proud against the sky. But the bridge is covered in a black shadow, which contrasts with the orange and blue hues of the sun and sky and the city skyline, with the tall buildings rising up, adds depth and perspective to the image.

The water is rendered with the colours blending to create a sense of movement and life. And the water is calm and serene, with gentle waves lapping against the shore in the distance. Overall, this pastel art of the sun setting behind the Sydney bridge and city skyline is a beautiful and evocative depiction of the city, capturing its natural beauty and vibrant culture. Using orange, blue, and black pastels creates a unique and striking image, making it an excellent choice for an art piece or a greeting card.

This is merely one of the cards that are offered on this website. Many of Janice's hand-drawn "creative designs" of "All Occasion" Greeting Cards are available for purchase. Contact Janice if you'd like to buy the "original photographic version" that served as the basis for the creative designs. Janice individually packs the cards and has them delivered to your home through Australia Post.


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