Passion for Australiana Art, Photos, & Greeting Cards

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Passion for Australiana Art, Photos, & Greeting Cards

About Me

Welcome to Sydney InSights! My name is Janice Brown, and I am a local Sydneysider who grew up in Bundeena and Busby, NSW. I am a Sydney-based artist making Australiana art. I source inspiration from my wonderful family, the breathtaking creation around me, and the beauty of animals.

As you will see as you look at my artwork, I love colour! The brighter the colour, the better. I strive to use my art to bring vibrancy, colour and positivity into my own and other people's lives.

If you are interested in buying my original Sydney wall art, art prints, or greeting cards, then please check out my shop!

My Art Journey

Throughout my life, the love of learning has kept me busy, both in formal education and unexpected discoveries. In 2020, I began my new visual journey of creating art and then sharing this with others. It first began with small artwork and then progressed into creating all-occasion greeting cards. My work is continually developing! I love experimenting with different types of paint, textures, resources and materials.

I was extremely excited to launch my own small art business, Sydney InSights, in February 2021, where I sell my photography and artwork as original Sydney wall art, prints or on Australia-themed greeting cards made from 100% recycled paper!

In 2022, I delved into working with acrylics on canvas of various sizes and mediums. What a treat it has been, and it continues to be a great source of joy for me!

To read more in-depth about how my art journey began, you can read my extensive interview with

My Work

I have been very busy in ‘Studio 8’, and the most exciting news this year is that I have finally found my niche: commissions. To work collaboratively with clients and design a unique piece is fantastic! You can see some of my latest work and feedback on the ‘commissions’ page. Why is this special? You simply can’t buy something like this anywhere. To co-create something original is genuinely remarkable; it builds a special bond between the artist and the client. If you would like me to create a beautiful commission piece for you or a gift for a loved one, please feel free to contact me!

There's more wonderful news soon to follow, so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @sydneyinsights and give me a like on Facebook for all the latest updates!

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