What Makes Us Special?


What makes an image, experience or object unique - is that it is anchored to a time and place which does not exist in any other form.


Sydney means so much to so many- it's not just the iconic Bridge, Opera House, Harbour, Sydney Tower or Bondi Beach, it's the many little corners, backstreets, cafe's, buildings, objects, native plants, wildlife and people, that has constituted the 'local' for each of us.

Hand Crafted

Artisans' handiwork and experience is not mass produced. Their creation is the result of ideas, interest, design and time. They use their hands and senses to create something that does not exist in any other form.

Human Lens

The human lens is unlike any other. It is sense making, it is sense giving, it is sense sharing. It endeavours to generate connective insights and naratives through our own visual perspective.

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Who is Sydney InSights

We Are

Sydney InSights ultimately represents Janice Brown

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What We Do

  • Sensational sights in and around Sydney

  • Significant icons, places and historic interests

  • Seamless stories which tell a jOURney to make connections

  • Communication through engagement of sights and different locations

  • Captivate our city through the lens of a true blue local Sydneysider

  • Conversations to be shared with friends create endless memories

  • Communication through engaging sights and locations

  • Celebration of the scenery through the lens of a local Sydneysider

  • Conversations to share with friends enabling endless memories

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